quick, healthy, on-the-go

As you know, I’m always traveling and on the go for work. In the midst of all of that, my fiancé & I have been focusing on healthy eating and implementing a slow-carb diet plan (detailed post coming soon) into our lives. You may have noticed the “slow carb” recipes and meals we’ve been preparing. For us, the structure makes it rather easy to follow. The difficulty comes when I’m on trips for 1-2 weeks at a time. There are plenty of diet-friendly options at restaurants and cafes, but what about when you’re in a rush first thing in the morning or don’t have much time for lunch? Hell, what about when you’d like to pack a lunch and don’t have access to a refrigerator or microwave? Well, yesterday in NYC I tossed together a few yummy items that travel well (all the way from LA!) and gave me the nutrients I needed to survive the day and feel satisfied.

breakfast: two scoops of protein powder & a packet of Starbucks Via Ready Brew Coffee (w/ water) with about a cup of Trader Joe’s Ready-to-Eat steamed lentils (delicious hot or cold!)


lunch: packet of light tuna in water with half an avocado smashed in…a surprisingly great alternative to mayo!


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