spicy garlic popcorn


Our ideal night off is spent curled up on the couch with homemade popcorn and a movie. We’re totally guilty of eating popcorn for dinner at least once a week, sorry mum. This recipe, while not my originally my own, has gotten me some rave reviews from my fiance and our friends. The best part about homemade popcorn is the ability to make massive amounts at once. Beware spicy garlic-lovers, you will absolutely finish the pot.


  • popping corn (Orville Redenbacher and Pop Secret both taste great)
  • oil (Safflower is the most healthy, Canola works and is more affordable, and there are “movie butter” and other flavors out there too)
  • crushed red pepper flakes
  • garlic salt
  • onion powder (optional)

We like to use an older, not-the-best, 6-quart stock pot because it makes just the right amount for two and we don’t worry about burning it. The lid has one of those little holes in the glass to release steam. I’ve found that this really helps to avoid burning.

  1. Pour enough kernels to fully cover the bottom of the pot. If you’re using a larger stock pot, you can double the layer of kernels. It’s best to start off smaller until you get a feel of how much popped popcorn will fit in your pot.
  2. Cover the kernels with the oil. Swirl around while pouring to evenly distribute. Be sure that they are fully saturated to the edges.
  3. Shake generous amounts of the crushed red pepper flakes and the garlic salt to cover the oil-soaked kernels. If desired, add onion powder for a bit more flavor. I love heat and garlic, so I am excessive with this step. You can experiment with different amounts and flavors to your liking.
  4. Cover the pot and turn the heat on a little higher than medium. On our electric range we turn it just below 7.
  5. It will take about 5-7 minutes for the oil to heat up and start cooking the kernels. Once you hear them starting to pop, put on some oven mits and occasionally shake the pot (Jiffy Pop style!). This agitates the kernels and aids in popping.
  6. Just like in the microwave, you’ll hear the pops slow down as the pot fills up. If you shake the pot and do not hear many unpopped kernels on the bottom, it’s done! Immediately pull the pot from the heat.
  7. As you pour the popcorn into a bowl, season with a little more garlic salt to taste.




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